From a web browser
How to Reset Your FSE Email Password
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your FSE email address, then click "Submit"
  3. Input your recovery email address (a link will be sent to it)
  4. Go to your recovery email account and click the password reset link you just received
  5. Enter your email address and password
  6. If you are prompted to change your password, simply create a new password that contains at least 8 characters consisting of letters, numbers, at least one Upper Case letter, and a special character (such as !@$, etc.)
Phones or Tablet Email Setup

You can set up your smartphone or tablet to retrieve email. This requires you to have already changed your temporary password using the instructions above.

To connect with your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Settings Mail Accounts Add Account
  2. Tap "Microsoft Exchange"
  3. Type your Email address, then type any Description, then tap "Next"
  4. Tap “Sign In” to sign in to your "" account
  5. Type your password and tap "Next"
  6. Choose which items to sync to your device and tap "Save"

To connect with your Android phone or Android tablet:

  1. Settings Accounts Add Account
  2. Tap "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync"
  3. Type your email address and tap "Manual Setup"
  4. Enter the following details and tap "Next"
    • Domain\username:\username (your username is the part of your email address before the @ sign)
    • Password: your password
    • Exchange server:
  5. Choose which items to sync, the frequency of syncing, etc. and tap "Next"
What does archiving mean?

This term can mean multiple things.

From a user perspective, archiving probably means moving messages to a folder so you can refer to it in the future. Other email systems even create a folder named “Archive” where email gets sent.

But on the server, archiving basically means two things: first, keeping a copy of every message; and two, removing all messages over a certain age from a user's inbox. This is for efficiency and stability. All messages are retained by MailStore so you'll always have access to your messages from Outlook or webmail until it is 3 months old, then it will be accessible only from the MailStore archive. The archive has the same folder structure and you'll have access to those archived emails until they are permanently and irrevocably purged from FSE email and archives according to our email retention policy.

Please change how you think of email archiving to the server explanation above. It will help as you interact with email in the future.

Outlook Users

If you use Outlook, you may want the MailStore add-in to make searching for emails from within the Outlook email client. If not, just skip this and follow the instructions for webmail users below.

To install the MailStore Outlook Add-in:

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Download the MailStore Outlook Add-in from here and open it
  3. Check “I agree…” and click "Next"
  4. Click "Install"
  5. Click "Finish"
  6. Open Outlook
  7. Click the "MAILSTORE" tab
  8. Click "Settings"
  9. Type the server name:
  10. Click "OK"
  11. Click "Browse Archive"
  12. In the "User Name" field, type your FSE email address and click "Next"
  13. Type your FSE email password and check "Remember Password"
  14. Click "Log-in"
Webmail Users

If you only use Webmail, you can quickly search your email archive in two ways:

  • Access the archive on the web
  • Install the archive search client tool

Both give the same results, so it comes down to your preference and usage. If you search for emails frequently, then you might prefer to install and use the search tool. But if you only occasionally perform searches then simply use the archive website.

To access the archive on the web:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your FSE email address in the Username field and click "Next"
  3. Enter your email password and click "Login"

To install the MailStore search client tool:

  1. Download the MailStore desktop client setup from here and open it
  2. Click “I agree…” and then "Next"
  3. Click "Install" and once complete click "Finish"
  4. Open Mail Store Client from your computer's start menu

The first time you run this it requires login info

  1. Type the server name:
  2. Click “Always connect to this server” and click "Connect"
  3. Enter your FSE email address in the "Username" field and click "Next"
  4. Enter your FSE email password, check "Remember Password"
  5. Click "Login"

MailStore Archive Password

Good news! Your archive password is the same as your email password. If you update your email password it automatically updates the archive password, too.

A Note about Moving and Deleting Email

If you move emails or folders in Outlook, the archive server will eventually reflect those changes within 5 minutes. For example, if you create a folder and move emails to it, then the archive will eventually show those changes.

Likewise, if you delete emails they will reflect accordingly in the archive by showing in the Deleted Items folder. If you permanently delete a message it will be deleted from Outlook and webmail but will still be in the archive.

Searching the Archive

To search in Outlook go to the MailStore tab and use the search bar. Or click Advanced Search for more options, including saving searches or queries.

If you want to open an archived message in Outlook, highlight it and click Open Message. To restore it click Restore Message and follow the instructions.

Accessing the Employee Portal

Use the Employee Portal to access your paystubs, training status and employee handbook. Login with your FSE email address and the portal password you created.

Portal Password Reset

If you need to reset your Portal password, the process works like this:

  1. Click "Forgot your password"
  2. Type your FSE email address
  3. Click "I'm not a robot" and click Submit

This sends a Verification email to your FSE email account. Go to your FSE email and open the Verification email and click the URL (reset link) which takes you back to the portal where you type your FSE email address and click Submit.